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Gennadiy Pisarev

I was born in Luhansk (Ukraine) on the 28th of April in 1959. In childhood I wanted to be a cosmonaut as all boys. Then in school I understood that I want to paint and be an artist. Many people said that it was not a good profession.

First I finished Art School in Luhansk. Painting was labour of love. In 1978 I graduated from Art College in Luhansk. After this I decided to enter Art Institute in Kharkov by speciality – monumental and decorative art. It was the great student years. I was fond of my teacher Shapovalov V. and even now I grateful him for his expertise, skills and knowledge of life.

In 1989 I graduated from Art Institute in Kharkov with Diploma of B.A. in monumental and decorative art.

Thereupon during 1990 – 2003 were several personal exhibits in Luhansk. After local exhibits were exit exhibits in cities – big centers of Ukraine:
1994 – Exhibition in the Museum of the History of Ukraine in Kiev,
1996 – Exhibition in a private gallery in Kharkov.

Creativity doesn’t have scopes. So, I tried to show my works to international art critics on different international exhibits.
2000 – Participation in the 5th International Art Festival in Kyiv, Ukraine.
2003 – Participation in the National Exhibition of Decorative and Folk Art.
2004 – Personal exhibition in «Sea gallery» Odessa, Ukraine.
2005 – Personal exhibition of painting and ceramics in "Gallery of arts" Luhansk, Ukraine.
2005 – The participant of an exhibition of the Ukrainian artists in Germany, Essen.
2005 – The participant The International Festival of Postmodern Ceramics " Ceramica Multiplex " 2005 in Croatia, Varazdin.
2005 – The participant The International Chawan EXPO.2005 in Belgium. Antwerp.
2005 – participation in 2-nd international Art Forum "Gallery ADI-ART" Poland Lodz.
2006 – participation in the international open-airs "Gallery ADI-ART" Poland, Lodz.
2006 – participation exhibition in the Skagen Torvehal "Gallery ADI-ART" Denmark, Skagen.
2006 – Personal exhibition in "Gallery ADI-ART" Poland Lodz.

My works are in private collections in Japan, Germany, USA, Poland, Belgium, Denmark and Ukraine.

It’s a good variant to decorate office, hall, sitting room or bedroom.

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